The story happened in the summer of 2001. Then I was executed good number of years, namely 16. Well, we decided without thinking twice (as it was in the country) to go to a local bar. There were 5 people (little reason ...). Well, we came, and we had one bottle of wine and beer :). Well, we bought more wine. They sat down, and started to pour ... then comes the local policeman Thank Petrov. The guy is good, but still ... And now he sees oil painting: in its duty teenagers sit at the bar and drink. He was furious naturally began recording the names, as well as the village with us - a military town (rf), then I kind of visitor and I like water off a duck.
Another girl from Belarus - to us he immediately fell behind. Then he asked with a dick, we are sitting here and all, then - a dick minors buying alcohol, over to the shop assistant - she screamed like a pain in the ass stuck that supposedly did not know that they do not have 21 (that's a fool, unless :) and not see everything. Well, in general, we piled four and the eldest, Alexander (aged 19) became the bazaar with Slava. His fame began to chastise, and in pretty rough shape, gave a slap, Sanya endured, sweat gave one more, but then something Sanya broke down and cried: "Yes you do drunken WALK and the police Shame!" Glory already a folder its almost I dropped, and even began to stutter. It makes no sense talking about some sort of detention, protocols, accounting, but Sanya understood mistake and apologized. Thank turned up nothing and said that if tonight we will see more, then go to hell in the conditional. Well, we are not fools, and went into the woods ...


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