Catch a toad

In Australia, spend a day expulsion toads. In the Australian state of Queensland hosted the annual Day of the expulsion of toads. On this day, thousands of Australians gather poisonous toads yeah, that in hindsight were brought to the continent and cause enormous damage to the native fauna.
To combat the beetles that eat sugar cane, some wise guy decided to Australian breed is huge toads yeah who have successfully coped with this task in South America. Now there are about 200 million of the continent. Toads were very poisonous. And the poison is covered almost the entire surface of the skin AGI and touching her animal usually dies. This nerve poison is extremely dangerous to humans, it can cause cardiac palpitations and death.

Toads do not kill, and pass to the detention center. There toads are weighed and then sacrificed in a plastic bag with carbon dioxide. This method was chosen by the Royal Society for the Protection of animals as the most humane (Australia formally headed by the Queen of England). Catch the biggest toad gets the prize. Make copies of the best stuffed and sold as souvenirs to tourists - most of them buy the French, indifferent to amphibians.

And in China, these frogs are a popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.
Its toxins are used as a stimulant for the heart, a diuretic and a cure for sinusitis and toothache.


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