A terrible and bloody finale

Unfortunately the ending of the first held on the African continent of the World Cup was marred by tragedy - while many fans watched the match between the Netherlands and Spain in the Ugandan capital, two explosions. Responsibility for the attacks claimed the Somali Islamist group "Al-Shabab".

Attention! The post contains photographs that may seem unpleasant or frightening

Late on July 11 people watching the final match in the Ethiopian restaurant in the capital of Uganda - Kampala. The picture was taken a few minutes before the explosion there, which killed 64 people, including one American, and many people were injured. The second terrorist attack also occurred in places where the fans - in the rugby club, where people watched the match between the Netherlands and Spain on a big screen outdoors. (AFP / Getty Images)

Affected sports fans in the Ethiopian restaurant as soon as there boomed one of the two explosions. Later, the responsibility for the attacks in Uganda that killed more than 70 people, took over the Somali extremist group "Al-Shabab". (AFP PHOTO / STRINGER)

View the FIFA World Cup finals were a lot of people, and that led to a large number of victims. (AP Photo / Marcv Hoafer)


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