The worst thing is when children are starving

Military photojournalist Marcus Blisdeyl visited Djibouti, where the main scourge of the country is not a military conflict, and poverty elementary.

Marcus Blisdeyl photographed the scars left by the conflict in Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kashmir and Nepal, where, due to decades of incessant wars the local people hiding in bomb shelters or temporary homes without food or drinking water. What he found in Djibouti, a small unknown country on the Horn of Africa, it seemed incredibly familiar. Only this time, hunger is not the result of war and poverty. "In these circumstances, life is like living in a conflict zone," - says the photographer. (MARCUS BLEASDALE)

Djibouti - a place of transition, it serves as a base for military operations in Africa and the Middle East for the troops of Britain, France, Spain and the United States. In the eponymous capital of Djibouti attracts residents of nearby poor villages in search of work, they are not usually found, as well as refugees from neighboring countries, mainly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Congo. (MARCUS BLEASDALE)

Djibouti The poor live in slums on the outskirts of the city in huts made of corrugated steel and other scrap metal. The government refuses to establish water supply system in the slums, thinking that no conditions prevent normal people to settle there. But it does not help. (MARCUS BLEASDALE)


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