Moscow is covered with a veil of smoke (35 pics)

If you ask people from pulling the smoke, now that the day of the dense veil shrouding Moscow and Moscow region, then there are many people who simply say "Shatura burns." However, spravdelivosti be accused of smoky troubles not the city itself, and Shutrsky district of Moscow region, with its rich reserves of peat. I decided to go on Shatursky peatlands and on-site to know how seriously, events there.

Covered with a thick pall of smoke I left Moscow by train, go with the Kazan railway station. Endpoint - Shatura. In this adventurous trip I was accompanied by a correspondent Nina Lytkarinsky city newspaper. It is worth to say that without her support and formal journalistic status this report would have looked very different.

I was sure that as you get closer to your destination smoke will become more pungent and thick. But the situation changed the other way around: a couple of hours to clear the path of the air and breathe easier. Really for some, the situation could change so drastically? Calls a friend to Vladimir. "Yes, that's just today, the smoke had cleared, and it was generally impossible to breathe. Now go through the city fire victims, help collect ».

Meanwhile, in Moscow ...

A couple more hours of travel, and we Shatura. The city air is much cleaner and more transparent Moscow. I see a parked taxi and spoke with a bored driver. "Peatlands? You stop Shaturtorf passed? Here you have to go there, but the city itself does not burn. " Decide to clarify information and approach to the old man waiting train. "Nothing there this Shaturtorf is off. I drove past - everything is normal there. Where off - I do not know. " One should understand that the light is on and where, and we decide porassprashivat taxi and go to the fire station. A young taxi driver Igor listens our questions and agrees to take first fire station, and then directly to the source of fire.

The first thing that caught my eye - in the yard was not part of the art, and exhausted people move between the buildings part of the Inland her yard. We were greeted warily, but knowing that we are of the newspaper agreed to the Deputy Fire Chief Shatura District. Mayor Valery A. Zhokin greeted us cordially, but immediately said he was not authorized to comment on the situation and are not allowed to give interviews. However, he told us, which currently are the main source of fire. There we can find the top management forces fire safety of MDM can learn the details of the situation. The next destination - urban village Shaturtorf, and from him - to the small village of number 15.

Along the way, our driver Igor told us some details of the life of the district. It turned out that 21 residents of the village, which also threatened to fire together protective moat dug in the village, and came with buckets and brooms to protect their homes. On both sides of the road through the gaps in the bush could see lakes - water-filled quarries, left over from the old peat workings.


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