Flying Yacht

It is not known whether the read French designer Elken Okturi tale "The Flying Ship", watched the cartoon of the same name there, but developed the concept of "flying boat" - a kind of hybrid sailing boat and seaplane.

46-meter "flying boat", the design of which is in the style of an existing superyachts The Maltese Falcon, is able to transform into a stylish aircraft thanks to the invention Okturi special mast.

During a trip to the water tower rising to a height of 40 meters, working as a traditional mast. However, if necessary, the mast can be lowered and converted into the wings. In this case, the sails are formed in a specially equipped compartments inside the mast.

Okturi development have already been presented to the public at the Paris Museum of Air & Space.

According Okturi who works for Airbus, he has consulted with colleagues about the construction of his invention - with several engineers and designers of aircraft indicated that it is possible to implement the project, improved design and aerodynamic performance of its development.


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