Free access to the secret facility of air defense (22 pics + text)

Photos existing air defenses were in the public domain. The photographs depicted including ready-to-launch missiles S-300 and a single guard. What is happening in our country? We must guard screaming !!!

It was this that's landscape, going ... Sees - gates curves gate no, no inscriptions, tablets with an operating time and a break for lunch ... Wires some all ragged and rusty, no longer barbed even ... Give, I think pass through this gate - the way srezhu. The more so because there other photos of the exit gate - so you can immediately us photographers!

I wandered. Sees ahead of crap some worth, partitions off the road.

He came closer, closer look: Father! Yes this is a universal radar station in the transport position, and a little further - another, in working condition, on the universal mobile rig ...

And in the distance tend to smoky skies and distant antennas microwave transmission, and sechёt airspace of the motherland radar Caste-2-2 ... Beautiful all the dog!


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