Top 25 ways to not grow old.

1. Buy a bike. Zhelezyaka can turn into a time machine, especially if you go on it in places youth.

2. flirts with guys younger than you. Nothing disciplines the body as a desire to please.
3. Lose weight. With age, the front man is the inevitable choice - a person or body. Keeping the body fit may face - not, at least not without plastic surgery or cosmetic.
4. Do not despise those who are doing injections of Botox or Dysport.
5. Do not eat after six. Tom Ford rightly used to say: "In forty-six years after eating some peasants and plebeians».
6. Stop drinking.
7. Do not envy.
8. Sleep at least eight hours (except as specified in paragraph 19).
9. Spend money easy and fun. Making savings - a sign of old age, as the hair in the ears.
10. Be sure to go to the dance, yoga or fitness.
11. When you make a compliment, do not hesitate and do not make excuses. Correct behavior - restrained thank
12. Relax. At least twice a year. Obligatory trip to the sea.
13. Be curious. The man is interested he will soon be able to enthusiastically talk only about their illnesses.
14. Do not confuse the luxury and comfort with happiness. Unpretentiousness and simplicity - satellites youth.
15. Do not complain about life. In general, do not complain.
16. Never say, "I'm afraid».
17. Go for a funny show.
18. If you have the opportunity to go into the night, ride. Better sleep for work than life.
19. Be generous.
20. Be easy-going. It is not necessary to weigh, reflect and think over. Proceed.
21. Do not forget the flowers better to give no reason.
22. Do not be shy to send a text message stupid. Example: "Good day, baby!" Smiley - brute force, but not deadly.
23. Be as children. Especially since the "Ice Age" - a very good cartoon.
24. Be like a bird or live for today - not yesterday and not tomorrow.
25. Do not try to look younger - will look ridiculous. It should look great, but at his age.


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