Lemon peel.

Remove stretch marks - lemon peel.

Meet. Beautiful peeling for the prevention of stretch marks. With his help, we will not only remove stretch marks, but also use as a wrap. The result is excellent. If you are afraid of cellulite and stretch marks, it is enough a couple of times a week to do the lemon peels. It helps not only to improve the condition of the skin and blood circulation, but also help you to prevent small stretch that often appear in cellulite or if the person is recovering, it loses weight. This recipe will be more useful to those who began active sports, such as fitness, since sudden load skin may also lose its beauty.

The recipe is very easy to peel, take the zest of one lemon average, one hundred grams of sour cream and seven drops of rosemary oil. All this stir and put on the problem areas, leave for 20 minutes. After that, all washed off and enjoy life.


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