House for one billion dollars (7 photos)

In India, Antilia - the largest private house in the world. It 27 floors!
Recently completed the construction of this giant of the cottage!

And on these floors will always live only five (!!!) people - the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani), his wife and three children. Here it is - a society of consumption that made it to India, the country where he lives third of all poor people in the world. The height of the house Antilia was 173 meters, and the area - 37 thousand square meters. That is 7400 square meters for each inhabitant of this house.

However, Mukesh Ambani and his family in his vast residence is still not lost. After all, this particular skyscraper will serve about 600 people, a whole regiment of men. Yes, and Mukesh Ambani said that such a big house he built for the future. After all, he had always wanted a very large family. And with such real estate can not afford to collect several generations of relatives under one roof with ease for all of them. In Antilia created a wellness center with a gym and a huge swimming pool, dance studio, guest room, various lounges for relaxation and even a cinema for 50 people. On the roof, there are three areas for helicopters and on the ground floor - a parking lot for 160 cars.

All this 27-story beauty has cost the customer in an amount approximately equal to US $ 1 billion. A development project Antilia were engaged in just two well-known architectural studios - Perkins Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. In general, Abramovich with his pretentious yacht is, what envy. And how wonderful it would be for children to play hide and seek in the house!


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