The Eiffel Tower in Paris (6 photos)

In the Chelyabinsk region there is a village called Paris Nagaybaks live here - a small nation, composed before 1917 in the Cossack class. Nearby are other villages with the same name that speaks for - Kassel, Leipzig, Arsi, Berlin and Fershampenuaz. They are named after battles in which excelled nagaybatskoe Cossacks. It was they who in 1814 stormed the strengthening of Montmartre, completing the Napoleonic wars - in honor of this feat village in the Ural steppe is named after the French capital. And now, in the village of Paris even has its own Eiffel Tower!

Cell tower was built in 2005 by Uralsvyazinform (brand Utel). It is said that its construction at a cost of 12 million rubles, while the construction of traditional cell tower requires 8 million.

It is six times smaller than the present, and unfortunately it can not be reached. Height copies - 50 meters.

And the village itself is small, about 800 houses which are home to 2,000 people. Back in the village has a museum of the history of the village, but for our arrival it was closed. In the background you can see the house of culture.

An excellent illustration of "See Paris and die!". Nearby is the monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

After the appearance of the Eiffel tower in the village began to call tourists, just after we arrived, another group in two cars. From tourist attractions - the museum, which I mentioned above, and the Paris store general store. A walk in the streets of geese. It's so cute.


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