Peeled negatives.

It is important, especially for beginners, to be able to carry out the practice of purification of negative energy and negative programs. In general, energy self is a very important thing. But in this case I will describe several ways of getting rid of negative energy - like the very foundations.

The theme of this article purely practical, because I'm not going to talk about the psychological methods, except to say a few words. Firstly, we should not keep all the negative in itself, but on the other hand afford breakdowns, tantrums - just highly undesirable, since it though and will give temporary relief, but it will bring harm. Because important middle ground.
You just have to take a shower or just wash your hands, besides representing the water washes away the negative (negative can be represented as something black, viscous, or anything that is associated with it). Moreover, it is desirable that the film was shown in your imagination with a minimum of effort, and when it ceases to appear - so you are clean. If not, then simply visualize investing in visualization (representation in an image) the desired meaning.

Technology Second. Sent to Earth
We must stand up (if you can - it bare foot) to the Earth, "ask" her to suck you out negative. Just imagine how the Earth sucks your negativity as the bad energy flows with you. Mentally send it to the ground (if you can, as in the first practice just Feel it, and if not - visualize). Energy is not only outside but also inside. If the Earth gets a certain amount of "good" energy, it is nothing to worry about - the movement of energy is always helpful. You can also use trees (preferably trees vampires about them you can read on the internet or I will write later). There must be leaned against a tree and asked to pick up negative.

Technology Third. BURNING
You can "reset" the negative in a fire or hold the body of the candle flame (so as not to burn yourself) with the intention clear.

You exhale negativity - it may look like a thick obnoxious fumes, invent images, and instead breathe blue and \ or golden glow. This technique not only clean, but also to recharge you. The fuller and broader representation - the better - that is, it is necessary to provide as glow spreads throughout the body, absorbed in you, and so on, and thus feel heavy and harmful negativity that you breathe.

Technology Fifth. Meditative
You optional physical contact with the elements, to purify themselves. You can use meditation. First, log into a state of relaxation (written about this before), then visualize in detail how the flow of water washes you, absorbing and carrying away everything bad. You can also, and with other elements - for example imagine that you are covered by the fire that does not burn your body (it can be a side effect in the form of heat and light deterioration of health, but the effect is). You can visualize and otherwise clean up the negative - the main thing is your imagination and a reasonable approach (for example, try to film did not get to the people and not thickened in space).

In addition, you can use the high energy - cosmic energy, spiritual, aggregorial (in some cases), the energy of love, light, flow, and so on, but it's more sophisticated techniques, which I will write later. While using the ones that I described and choose the best. Remember that these techniques are very useful, but they will not solve all your problems and you will not be able to clean completely, at a deeper level goes more serious and difficult work.


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