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Does carrots improve eyesight?

Roman emperor Caligula believed that carrots are an aphrodisiac, improves male potency and liberating women. Once, at a banquet in the Senate for the first, second and third was filed only this vegetable, and reviews the witnesses, senators then made a wild orgy. It has nothing to do with vision, but on the other hand, it is just a legend.

The myth about the impact of carrots vision appeared during the Second World War, when the British Royal Armed Forces tried to hide the fact that they came armed with advanced aircraft radar to detect German bombers. As a result of falling productivity and a night of shooting the English improved dramatically, it was explained by the fact that they ate a lot of carrots. The truth is that in many carrot beta-carotene, important for good vision. The body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A, which on the contrary an excessive amount may cause blindness. In fact, an excess of vitamin A can cause toxicity, weight loss, hair loss and headaches.

Only a small amount of beta-carotene is necessary to maintain good vision. If your body enough vitamin A, the carrot will not help you improve your eyesight.

Why morning coffee helps with headaches?

Our generation is a generation of chemical additives. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine - we constantly consume them to improve their productivity. Now that has become a concentrated caffeine added to drinks like Red Bull, interesting to get an answer to the question of the title.

It is known that caffeine helps headaches. Caffeine is present in medicines sold freely (eg., Excedrin) and prescription prescription of the doctor. Caffeine facilitates the formation of red blood cells and therefore, in some cases helps headaches. But the reverse effect of such exposure is not so simple.

In 1999, the publication of The Journal of Pharmacology. I explored the assumption that giving up drinking coffee causes a headache. Held later analysis showed that there is a syndrome, a rollback in case of failure of the coffee. It manifests itself in different ways, but usually its symptoms include fatigue, drowsiness, irritability and depression. The more abrupt abandonment of coffee you have going on, the greater the likelihood and severity of these symptoms.

In order to gradually get rid of caffeine addiction, you can use the following plan:

Monday - double espresso

Tuesday - Espresso with milk

Wednesday - simple espresso

Thursday - Strong iced tea

Friday - Cappuccino decaffeinated

Saturday - Coca-Cola

Resurrection - The beer (no caffeine, cheerfulness)

Poor you crunch joints?

You can often see people who can bend the fingers of one hand with the other hand so that is heard crunching. It is believed that this activity can cause arthritis. It's actually not the case. Constant hrustenie may cause other trouble, such as a sprain and a weakening grip, but not arthritis.

By the way, why did hear that sound? It is produced in the joint, when the bubble bursts synovial fluid surrounding the joint. It is interesting, is not it?

Is it true that language - is the strongest muscle in the human body for its size?

It's quite interesting and at the same time useless question. Some sources claim that it is true, but the real language consists of 4 muscles, someone remembers the heart, but the main feature of the heart in his endurance. Sartorius, ie muscle that connects the hip and knee, the longest muscle in the body. Another 2 candidate is the strongest muscle chewing muscles and sciatic (who would have thought!). The relation of forces of these muscles per unit length of all people are different, so no single answer - all unique.

What happens when "numb" limb?

The main reason for this - a temporary or permanent nerve damage. That's what usually happens. When pressure is applied to a portion, such as legs, arteries compressed impeding supply of oxygen and glucose, muscles and nerves. Neural pathways are also blocked, preventing normal passage of electrochemical signals in the brain. Some nerves cease to transmit information, the other on the contrary give the surplus. These signals are transmitted to the brain where interpreted as fever, pain, coldness. These experiences indicate that it is necessary to move the locked limb. When driving pressure normal and necessary matter again start coming in full. Tingling sensation is enhanced while the nerve will not transmit signals regularly in the required quantity. This explains the discomfort that you experience when you try to "shake" the hand numb after sleep.


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