Top 10 losers

1. In 1993, the final of the Cup Coca-Cola Cup, in which the player of "Arsenal" Steve Morrow scored a goal that brought victory to his team. Traditionally teammates carried the hero of the match from the field on their shoulders, but got distracted and dropped it on the lawn. Morrow had to prematurely end the season with a broken collarbone.
2. Fighting heat, Christos Bertsos built in his home air conditioning, the main part of which was a giant propeller aircraft. When Bertsos included their offspring, blew off the roof of his house, and she flew away in an unknown direction.

3. A pensioner from Sheffield has lived 20 years in the dark, because I do not want to make a fuss because of the fact that in her house cut electricity.

4. In 1994, DeWitt Finley car stuck in the snow in the mountains in the north of the United States. Instead look for help, Finley had hoped that his find, and stayed in the car. According to the doctors, he lived for a few months before he died of starvation. It is noteworthy that if Finley out of the car, he would have found a few meters away from her beautiful road on which it is easy to be descended from the mountain.

5. In 1981, Wanda Ennis committed armed robbery gas station. The next day she was horrified when he saw the news report about a robbery in which the victim was shown station: she decided to film her in the act and arrested any minute. Collecting things, she went to confession.

6. Ivan McGuire decided to shoot a video camera one of his jumps. He is a clever way to attach the camera to a helmet and jumped from the helicopter, but it turned out that he was so distracted by the additional equipment that I forgot to bring the most important thing - the parachute. Miserable crashed, and the camera remained intact.

7. At the end of his show Argentine magician Marv asked his assistant to shoot him in the head with a gun. Slammed a shot and Marv triumphantly pulled the bullet out of his mouth (the focus seems to have been designed for children of preschool age). Nevertheless, in the hall gold miner Marco Asprella stunt was caught with the words: "And this catch-ka!" - Shot in the head magician of his pistol. Magician long suffered. At trial Asprella looked depressed and could not understand why the magician caught his bullet. He was acquitted.

8. The two New York lawyers have decided to compete in the race in the corridor of the office building. Unfortunately, one of them too dispersed and, unable to overcome the force of inertia, fell from the window of the 39th floor.

9. As a result of a railway accident in Munich two men lost their hands. Doctors have found them and sew, but soon realized that in the rush confused hand. The men turned out to be one and the same blood type, so the operation was successful, and after some persuasion, agreed to become intimate victims with his new hands.

10. Lauren Rod argued with friends that she has an ultrasound sight, and to prove it, she decided to drive blindfolded through the center of Ottawa. As a result, Rhoda moved leg pedestrians and crashed once in three cars, one of which was the police.


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