Share the memory of fans of "Spartacus" in Kronstadt

Action in memory of the killed in early December fan of "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov took place at Kronstadt Boulevard in Moscow calmly, quietly, as befits such cases. People to stop, next to which was killed Yegor Sviridov, it's a bit of mass actions created, mostly journalists and drama attached hanging over the boulevard a police helicopter. People came from the underground with flowers, leave them at the bus stop and joined the crowd. No slogans, chants, rallies glow - was nothing like that.

The boulevard was pulled hundreds of police officers, but their role is limited only by controlling the situation on the ground. About an hour of the day came from the subway a small group of young people - in fan scarf, with flowers in their hands. This was, apparently, the procession, which the press wrote.


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