Sculptures made from chocolate Mirco Della Vecchia

This is not the first time that Italian is in the spotlight. On his account has two hits in the Guinness Book of Records. Very soon expected and third.
The exhibition "Chocolate World Heritage» (Chocolate World Heritage) in Shanghai has created a master copy of the architectural structures included in the World Heritage List under the auspices of UNESCO. So white milk chocolate were created Parthenon, Abu Simbel, the Roman Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Leaning Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Mirko soon set a new world record. This promises him another hit in the Guinness Book of Records. However, this time it goes on chocolate and ice cream cone of 280 centimeters in height, 70 kilograms of ice cream and wafers 2000. This will take place at the opening of the international exhibition of ice cream and confectionery products in the Italian city of Rimini.

In addition to the current work chocolatiers suggest you familiarize yourself with the previous work. In March last year, the wizard creates the highest sculpture in the form of a copy of the symbol of Venice - the bell tower of San Marco. And in April created the massive sculpture that weighed almost five tons (!). This time chocolatier chose inspiration Milan Cathedral.


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