Thermometer Italian physicist Galileo Galilei

Thermometer named after the Italian physicist Galileo who first discovered that the density of the liquid changes as a result of the increase or decrease in temperature.

Thermometer is made of a sealed glass cylinder. Inside the clean liquid and several blisters, each of which has a slug.

As the temperature changes, they rise and fall depending on the mathematical principles. Yet Galileo thermometer in addition there is the practical value and aesthetic - this in itself is a beautiful object.

Although Galileo did not create this thermometer, it was named in his honor, because without his discoveries thermometer would not exist. These devices are produced at the end of the 17th century.

Each bubble is attached plummet. At each symbol is engraved and number. This balances. Each of them is different from the other.

In bubbles dyed water was added to each bubble has the same density. But it gave her beauty bulb.


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