"Nuclear Spring" in Japan

The governor of the province of Fukushima today appealed to the Japanese nation in a television interview channel NHK world. If we take into account the usual Japanese restraint, his speech sounded a cry for help.

Yuhey Sato reported that evacuees do not have enough literally everything: food, medicines, fuel, even paper towels and diapers. In 500 settlements, where evacuees are located, there are no tents for their accommodation. Right now 100 thousand people in need of a roof over your head, and it is a matter of prime importance. Second urgently needed ambulances and fuel for them. Yuuhei Sato noted that the aid was sent, but the affected area it does not find a striker. "Help does not come, because people think that the areas that are not in the 20-kilometer evacuation zone, too dangerous. Therefore, food, medicines and other necessary things and fuel do not reach where it is needed. Even in areas that are considered safe, reign of fear and panic caused by inadequate awareness among people. They think that they are too dangerous areas and help reaches those who really need it. So we ask: require accurate information and do not let fooled. "

Sato urged the central government and the company TEPCo clearly inform residents of the affected areas that they are required to do, and most importantly - to take the nuclear crisis under control. "I appeal to all residents of Japan: we have nuclear disaster. People trapped in the danger zone to evacuate over a long distance. Therefore, we ask all the Japanese to show compassion and understanding, and give us their assistance. "

And in Sendai - capital of Miyagi Prefecture, severely affected by the 9-magnitude earthquake March 11 - two-centimetric layer of snow fell. 260 refugees housed in the gym of the local elementary school Okino-Higashi, according to The Asahi Shimbun. Kerosene stoves used for heating them, we have to keep lit even during the day.

80-year-old Sumiko Watanabe said: "The fact that no food - it's a problem. But the cold pesters us stronger. I hesitate to even get up from his seat next to the stove. " Watanabe said that they were given breakfast on a plate of oatmeal and half an apple. More than 130 quilts allocated by the local administration, distributed among the people standing at the entrance to the school.


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