Spy Equipment past decades

Let's look at some techniques used by spies, only a few decades ago.

Coin from the arsenal of a cache inside the KGB.

The gun in the arsenal of the KGB mounted in the chuck of lipstick.

Compass in the form of a pair of buttons. To navigate on such a compass, it is necessary to set the halves at each other.

A bomb disguised as a canteen.

The bomb, disguised as a piece of coal. Set for applying camouflage paint. From the CIA arsenal of the twentieth century.

The camera is disguised as a button.

Cufflinks with cache.

Glasses with built-in handle of a container of poison for self-destruction agent.

The camera is mounted in the handle.

Gas pistol shooting cyanide.

The camera is fixed on the blue.

The gun disguised as a tube.

The pistol disguised as a glove.

A set of tools and a capsule, allows to hide this set of human anus. Of arsenal CIA 60s of the last century.

A transmitter in the shoe heel.

Weapons disguised as a pack of cigarettes.

The system for listening to radar and air defense systems, disguised as a tree stump.

The transmitter disguised as a piece of excrement. From CIA arsenal.


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