5 signs that your phone is bugged

Install spyware on someone else's cell is easy, so who gives a guarantee that right now do not listen to you personally?

Immediately I must say that listen to cell phone, intercepting its signal by means of some box with an antenna, it is impossible. Channel data is encrypted bad, so the "wiretapping" at this level can deal only with the operators themselves communication on request of specific intelligence agencies. However, watch out for his beloved wife possible and less high-tech ways.

The Internet is readily available many programs that can secretly working on the phone and the victim retain or transfer to the side of the recording of telephone conversations, SMS-messages geographic coordinates, and even pictures with built-in camera. Some programs are able to work as a full "bug": you call the machine and unbeknownst to the owner hear everything that is happening around. It's quite handy if you need to overhear a secret meeting, or at least a secret date.

At risk are users phones based on Symbian OS and Windows Mobile. Spyware is there for the iPhone, but do not install them on a hacked phone will not work (in the official the App Store such programs, of course, not sold).

Determine that the phone live "bug" an inexperienced user is difficult. However, there are several signs that may indirectly confirm the existence of "wiretapping┬╗.

1. Heat battery

If the battery on your phone hot - it means that he is actively discharged. This is normal during conversation, but if a machine not been touched for a couple of hours, and it is still noticeably warm, then inside that something is happening, for example, runs a spyware program.

2. Phone too quickly discharged

This follows from the previous paragraph: if the battery is discharged too quickly, especially if the phone is not used more than usual, so inside it "runs" some potentially dangerous application. However, remember that over time, the batteries "wear out" and reduced working hours - this is normal. You need to think only in the event that a week ago the phone was working on a single charge for three days, but now only one.

3. Delay in switching off

Pay attention to the delay when phone is switched off. If this process takes a suspiciously long time, accompanied by flashing highlighting (it can burn for a while after turning off) or off do not succeed, then the phone that something is happening. It may be, of course, common technical problems, but can not be excluded and more unpleasant options.

4. Total strange behavior

If the phone spontaneously activates the backlight screen, power off, reboot, install or run programs then most likely you have already "under the hood". Of course, here we can not exclude some failures in the operating system, but do not pay attention to it no way.

5. Interference and crosstalk

Interference can be of two kinds: those that you hear during the conversation, and those that arise in the presentation to the phone, such as PC Speaker. In the first case is an echo or a suspicious any other noise (clicks, hiss, etc.) that accompanies your conversation to any subscriber at any time. Sometimes the appearance of interference is the result of poor signal reception or other similar problems, but if the noise is heard everywhere, and not the first day, it is an occasion for excitement.

The second case - a transmitting antenna pickup the phone to other devices, primarily on the speaker or speakers. You probably have heard this "bubbling" sound. It occurs during a call, and standby time with little intervals when the phone accesses the base station. Considered abnormal continuous "gurgling" in a time when on the phone no one speaks. This could mean that spyware has entered the relationship with another phone, and sends him all the surrounding sounds.


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