The history of the poker game: from ancient cards to modern online poker rooms

Poker has a long history. During its existence, poker has changed a lot: from dealing a few cards to the fact that you can play poker online. Although the basic principle remains: cards, bluffs, combinations, and bets.

From obscurity to being recognized as the national game of the United States
It is completely unknown where the game originated. The first written mention dates back to the 16th century. At that time, poker was played in France, England, Germany and other developed European countries.

In the original versions, the rules of the game of poker were very simple. Participants received three cards and placed their bets. Whoever has the best combination of cards wins. Only combinations were distinguished: flush, pair and three.

In the 18th century, the game changed a bit. The concept of high card and the ability to bluff appeared, as well as new combinations: four of a kind, full house.

There are many versions of the game's origins: from the German word pochen - to knock, to the cheating of American sailors with stealing wallets, which they themselves called "poke".

Most likely, poker came to the United States from the colonial French in Louisiana. Over time, the game in America became national. Everyone played it: children, youth, old people.

Poker "returned" to Europe in 1870 - from the American ambassador straight to the palace of Queen Victoria, who was very fond of playing cards. During the First World War, poker spread even more: American soldiers taught Europeans to play it.

The emergence of tournaments
In the USA, the game was constantly evolving, a large number of its varieties of poker appeared, which appeared in Texas - Texas Hold'em, which is now called classic poker. The game took root very quickly in large Las Vegas casinos.

The first poker tournaments were held in 1968. The first official world championship took place two years later. And then international competitions began to be held constantly - once a year.

Online poker
The development of poker continues. Today, thanks to the Internet, the game can be played online, sitting at a virtual table with participants from all over the world.

The first poker room on the Internet appeared back in 1998. But in 2003, when an ordinary American guy won a couple of million dollars in web poker tournaments, a lot of players began to build their careers online.


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