Comfortable sport clothes famous brand in online store Lotto

Originally designed exclusively for people passionate about sports, both professional and Amateur level, sports clothing eventually became a common staple for all those who prefer Jogging, morning and evening, walking the dog and just in the nature of a bike trip that would depend, etc. to make a comfortable outfit. A significant contribution to the transformation intended for athletes clothes, designed in a casual style, the decoration for the mass market made the company Lotto. Today comfortable tracksuit of this brand with almost half a century of history is not only comfortable, not constraining movements clothes broad purpose, but also a kind of evidence of understanding by the owner of the latest trends in it.

A striking usitrag whether Caberlotto brothers (Giorgio and Giovanni) modest (slightly more than 80 thousand people) of the Italian town of Treviso near Venice, founding in 1973 the company to sports equipment belonging to their local football club and friends of the players could assume that their equipment will eventually become popular, even world stars.

In the 1980s a group of brothers who proved themselves on the inside the Italian market, began to promote their products in world wide. Moreover, their decision to involve in the sport is his first, shoes and then clothes outstanding athletes of different years of Ruud Gullit and Dino dzoffa, Boris Becker and Martin Navratilova, Ivan Zamorano and Peter Cech and many other athletes planetary level gave the highest results.

The years went by, changed the hosts Lotto, but three principles to ensure its success in the sports market consisting in:
  • attracting sports stars of world level to the promotion of its products to the masses;
  • constant introduction in manufacture of technical innovations, the active communication to a wide audience;
  • the desire to produce stylish things
remained in daily operation of the company unchanged. And, as a result today, Lotto products are actively demanded in 102 countries around the world.

Obvious dostoinstvami, the popularity of sports clothing from Lotto explained not only by their affiliation to a known brand. She is due primarily to their merits, consisting in:
  • high technology and sophisticated design of each product;
  • the functionality and versatility;
  • not restrict movement comfort;
  • strength and resistance to wear;
  • the stylish exterior.

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