The body shop: a professional solution to any problems with the bodywork, paintwork, polishing

Thirteen million one hundred one thousand seven hundred twenty two

Popular now deteyling car care will allow you to maintain your "iron horse" in good condition and provide a presentable appearance. This means using the best tools will fail body repair, put in order salon. Contact the Studio Elite Datailing, namely the body shop, if you notice the slightest problem with the paintwork, working doors, and trunk.
  • There are specialists of the highest level.
  • Equipped with the best equipment.
  • Used eyeglasses most new developments.

Experts will help keep your car in order to keep the factory layer of paintwork to protect metal items from rust symptoms. That assistance was provided in a timely manner, preganate every six months the machine on. The only way to identify the problem after a seasonal run and prevent their consequences.


Body problems or how to maintain a good state avtomobilya flying from under the wheels of gravel, Bouncing stones, branches and other debris on the road is the first to suffer LCP body. Factory protective layer does not allow rust to penetrate to the iron layer and maintains the integrity of the metal surface of the car. But, the consequence of active service often become chipped, scratches on the polished and even dents on the body. And damaged metal provokes:
  • corrosion begins with small "bugs", and a year turns into a solid rusty spots;
  • cracked nail Polish – ruining the aesthetic of any vehicle;
  • violation of the integrity of the body surface.

The machine is not rusted and all of its elements remain intact, it is recommended that after each season to come to THAT. This is best done in early spring, when the snow melted, and at the end of September, until the period of sleet, frost. Sign up to the master Studio Elite Datailing, negotiate about the visit and preganate your car for inspection, diagnostics.

If after a detailed inspection by the wizard will reveal problems with the body, then offer a few solutions. This can be a local repair, which cost no additional painting. In more advanced cases you will need to fully repair the body with a full repaint its surface.


Restoration work without further staining and with the use of Kraskino corrosion is not running or on metal, there was a minor dent, then you can do the repair without painting. For this purpose, external prophylaxis using low-gentle means. The local area can be painted with aerosol spray or a special pencil.

In more complex situations, you may need welder. So, a wizard that does body work should be able to handle such equipment. Therefore, the Studio Elite Datailing work generalist wizard with experience. Such specialists without problems:
  • podrehtuem wrinkled wing or hit the door, hood;
  • repair holes or cracks on the bumper;
  • will restore the shape of the body, paying attention to its geometry.

A list of these services can vary depending on the complexity of the problem. But any work will be performed professionally and with quality assurance.


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