DNA testing and its features

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DNA tests are an effective method of establishing paternity on a fully anonymous basis. Specialized clinic in the city of Sochi is ready to the responsible way to conduct such manipulations. For these operations, a special and quite advanced equipment which can fully guarantee the security and high accuracy of the results. Reasonable cost of the test makes this service the most affordable. Also, you can get a free consultation when necessary.

The features of tectonosedimentary to the range of services available on https://sochi.dnk-otcovstvo.ru and immediately to apply. DNA centre has numerous branches within the country and also provides an opportunity to discuss all the details of the services offered. Self testing can be conducted right at home. The material is going to an independent specialist. He has to have your permission to conduct such a test. In addition, you can take samples using cotton swabs and disposable container. This approach will significantly accelerate the process of DNA analysis. About all the results you will be informed by telephone or in any other convenient form. Also, the hospital is ready to perform the testing throughout the country. To do this, use reliable equipment and high quality consumables.

Thanks to these features it is possible to speak about the high rates of accuracy. Modern technology and development is not standing still. Himself DNA the center has a background of more than 15 years of experience in the field of DNA research. Thus, customers can be confident in the quality of services provided. If you are interested in details of work, terms and current rates, all these data are presented on portal. In addition, it is possible to negotiate individual terms if necessary.

The benefits of treatment in the clinic "Applied Biosystems":
  • the convenient location of the clinical laboratory in the city;
  • reasonable price for the DNA tests and other operations;
  • complete confidentiality of services provided;
  • the presence of own professional lab to conduct DNA tests.
  • ease of testing and the ability to quickly obtain results.

How to order a DNA test right now?Any customer can visit the official website of the clinic and to see a list of available services in a remote format. Thus, it is possible to schedule a consultation or contact the clinic for delivery of the DNA test. Also, you will leave the electronic form with your basic personal information. Departure of the expert on the house also significantly reduces the possible loss of time.


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