UZETUT - the most delicious Asian cuisine delivered to your house!

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Convenient service catering UZETUT allows you to order delicious food right to the threshold of your home or office. The service operates in all districts of the city and nearest suburbs. However, the hallmark of this service is that it can be used to try some really delicious noodles, wok or sushi original. And easy virtual online allows you to choose dishes and place your order with just a couple of clicks.


Asian cuisine has become closer!Much easier to order a takeaway than spend the time to search for a suitable institution with an Asian menu. Moreover, when the process of customer service in the "Already Here" is not only fast, but also quite pleasant. In fact, the service can offer you a huge selection of items available — salads, specialty soups, rolls, sushi and desserts prepared according to traditional recipes using only fresh ingredients. In addition, in the catalog you can find ready-made sushi sets that will delight you with its diversity. They are combined by experienced chefs who know a lot about the taste needs of different customers. Of course, that the separate attention is deserved drinks. It is now much easier to find everything in one place than to run to the store for favorite juice or soda.

Among a wide variety of types of sushi are particularly in demand gunkan sushi, nigiri, as well as warm rolls and honour with the classic filling is based on fresh fish, shrimp or chicken. All treats come individually wrapped, which keeps the flavor characteristics and flavor of the finished treats.


The advantages of using a food delivery service is "Already Here":
  • quick delivery within 60 minutes to every corner of the city;
  • a wide variety of Asian dishes for every taste;
  • reasonable pricing that will not break the budget of an ordinary person;
  • responsible couriers who will always answer any question when you receive and competent managers, to help you complete the order if necessary;
  • free delivery at the order from 200 UAH.


How to order from any device online?The convenient online service will allow you to place an order with any gadget. At the same time, you can call by multichannel phone and dictate the order to the Manager during working hours. Of course, you can ask for an extra set of Cutlery or chopsticks is completely free. For the most active customers, there is a useful section with stock service. It is possible to find exclusive offers and the latest discounts. But the hottest deals are highlighted directly on the home page so you'll be sure not to miss anything important. If you have any questions always provided the assistance of a consultant.



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