Distinctive features and services of the barbershop

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The number of barbershop in St. Petersburg is rapidly growing. And because this type of salons is ready to offer its numerous customers a special service. Learn about how the service provides a real men's Barber shop.

What awaits you in the barbershop?
There are several important criteria that must be met by these institutions. The main ones:
  • Atmosphere. A good barbershop SPb will have the interior, transmitting the spirit of the last century. The decor is stylish and sleek, Barbera – open and sociable people. You can be sure that your social position or age there will have no value;
  • Team. In order to work as a Barber, you must obtain a special education. You should be able to perform such difficult operations as, say, shaving with a straight razor. Masters of the female are absent here. Moreover, the presence of women in the cabin is unacceptable;
  • The list of services. No variety or innovative beauty treatments here. You will be offered a facial massage hot towel, the design and care of the moustache and the beard, shaving with a straight razor, a classic, yet ultra-fashionable now haircuts and styling. Is it possible to order, for example, a SPA service or cleaning person? No. Such proposals in the barbershop and never will be;
  • Used tools. The list of cosmetic products strictly defined. You won't find in a barbershop, for example, is popular in women's salons products such as l'oreal. Cosmetics – "purely male" and known in the circles of professional Barber.

Another important point: coming to the barbershop, you can not rely on a Cup of coffee or tea. On the other hand, you may be offered more or less spirits. In the fashionable and well-known institutions customer can always enjoy a fresh craft beer or good whiskey. As a Supplement there are high quality glossy magazines or foreign press in order to reduce the waiting time of the master.

Who should attend the barbershop? Anyone who wants to feel like a hero of old Hollywood film or just a friendly atmosphere of a boys club.

How to choose a barbershop?
If you want to be sure that you will not be disappointed in your chosen men's Barber shop, carefully read the reviews about the institutions of the city. They reliably and fully convey the information you need. If you see that the barbershop a lot of positive responses from customers of all ages to visit it, you can safely.


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