What is a specialized scanner?

Modern cars don't allow you to find the damage using visual inspection, sophisticated devices are studied with the help of specialized scanners, they are needed for "internal" examination. The system is a stationary personal computer, which is connected to the diagnostic connector in the car using the cable. The device allows to find bugs in functioning systems.

The operation of the device
The device connects to the bus of the data exchange, and gives to complete information about the state of the machine, and reading the data from the sensors, determine specific characteristics. The scanners are equipped with software, which includes a detailed database with parameters of the machine.


Feature of the DNA is to assess the status of the nodes, and the influence of deviations in the work, with the lining on top of each other. Separate checks all nodes gives the overall picture, so the appearance of the latest generation of scanners has given a lot of additional opportunities.

The scanner enables the assessment:
  • gearbox, which operates automated;
  • system, which is responsible for the operation of the engine;
  • airbags;
  • ABS system.
Scan tool shows data that is in the ECU and matched to the type of unit installed in the vehicle.
Types of scanners
Basically, the scanners can be divided into three groups:
  • vintage. Suitable for specific machines are used for in-depth inspection of services and individuals;
  • multibrand. Allow you to diagnose various cars, is selected depending on the set of desired functions;
  • dealer. Produced by auto manufacturers, offer maximum functionality for the same brand.
In General, the range is wide, and includes a large number of equipment variations that support specific functions, but there is a universal model.

Compact scanners
A great example of a versatile tool for Volkswagen Group and technology and the OBD system is the vas 5054a. To buy the device on the website cartools.com.ua. The model for connect with PC or test system, and can find and remove faults, to activate the actuator, coding electronic components, to restore the installation to a basic level, and perform many other useful tasks.
A quality scanner allows significantly improve the quality of the evaluation of the systems of the car, and raise a diagnostic at a higher level.


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