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Seventeen million seven hundred thirty two thousand four hundred fifty one

The largest and most industrial city in Russia is Norilsk. It is called the "municipal unit", since urban areas are actually small individual settlements, located at a sufficient distance from each other (Talnakh, Oganer, Kayerkan). The largest municipal area is the Central – local residents call Norilsk. According it is here that concentrated the most expensive and sought after real estate with an average cost per square meter about 25 – 30 thousand rubles and above. There are options cheaper, just on the outskirts of the district. There 1m2 of living space can cost about 15 thousand rubles, which is almost half the price.

Features of real estate in the surrounding areas
The population of Norilsk is constantly fluctuating due to leave for the mainland local residents and a constant influx of workers hired in the steel mills and factories. Therefore, all districts recorded the transaction for the sale, only here the prices for different objects.
  • The most affordable second homes in Oganer is not completed in the distant ' 80s, the city that has remained a residential district. Here only two streets, a school, a few grocery stores and home to slightly more than 10 thousand people. Two and three bedroom apartments in this area are almost half cheaper than 1-room apartment in the Central. The "freezing" of the order of 10 residential high-rises that stand next to a long-inhabited homes. Buildings in this district no.
  • About 16 km separates the Centre, Kayerkan – an area which is 2 times larger than the previous area and population. This part of the Norilsk can fully support themselves, therefore, the apartments in Kayyerkan are more expensive. Additional construction is planned.
  • Still larger and the number of Talnakh. He is the farthest from the Central district, has metallurgical plants, therefore, considered the greenest region. And infrastructure development can compete with Norilsk. Property prices exceeds supply of the previous districts, but lower than in the Center. There's Khrushchev and new, so you can choose whichever apartment with the wishes and family needs.

Why should you trust realtors
With urban real estate Norilsk constantly occur any handling sale, purchase, lease, etc. This is due to the constant migration of the population to the mainland and the arrival of hired workers that are trying to get housing. So often there are problems with the fairness of such transactions and the presence of unpleasant nuances for both sides. To avoid such situations, it is better to entrust the deal to an experienced realtor:
  • the technician will review all documentation;
  • assess the condition of the apartment, which is important in a harsh climate;
  • will select a few housing options to choose from.

Experienced realtors is always better fails to recognize a crook than ordinary buyers. Also, the Agency staff will be able to recommend lawyers who are well versed in matters of real estate.


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