Safe and qualitative cargo transportation from China

Thirty five million five hundred forty one thousand two hundred twenty five

Business with China is becoming more promising, therefore, relevant and Railways-goods delivery from China to Russia, popular aviation, sea transportation, safe and modular cargoes, road transport, assistance in customs control.

Yes, completely rid yourself of bureaucratic red-tape will fail but it is possible to minimize them if to approach to business competently. For example, — Tessel Logistik, company providing logistic services, complete tracking of goods, proper documentation of information support, the opportunity online to track the progress of cargo.


A safe and profitable business
Increasingly, entrepreneurs are turning to China, finding it a better alternative in comparison with entrepreneurship with European countries. Features:
  • You can conveniently in a virtual form to fill out an application, ask questions, describe the specifics of the route, the goods being transported, choose the right form of transportation.
  • If you want to save money, it is advisable to consider not only whole, but also transportation, when the payment is shared by all clients.
  • The scheme of cooperation is established: the goods assembled in China and transported by the approved route, for example, through the capital, Vladivostok, Finland, Saint-Petersburg, the Baltic States. It is delivered to the address passes customs, it will be possible to pick up in the warehouse or it will be delivered strictly up to that point.
  • The route provides full security, information support, at any time, the customer can track where in the moment is the order.

Convenient, safe and profitable
Safety is the main criterion, the second criterion, convenience, beneficial cooperation. The prices are the best, the experts will take a decision and force majeure if the road will be something unplanned. In any case, the customer is always informed of what is happening.

You need to consider the specifics of themselves and of the transported objects, such as clothing and cosmetics, food products, appliances, pharmaceuticals — the most common name. It is important to observe any temperature, the optimum moisture content, protect from vibration and shocks.



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