Unusual couple

Height Shaquille O'Neal, American basketball player - 216 centimeters. The growth of his darling Nikki Alexander - 157 centimeters. But lovers say that they do not interfere. "We like each other - says Nikki. - We both with regards ».

By the way, recently the ex-basketball player, "Los Angeles Lakers" was indicted on suspicion of espionage - he watched his wife (pictured) that she has not disclosed his marital infidelity. He hired professionals who have built a car in Shawnee advanced software that allows you to monitor its movements. Shaq took advantage of such technologies in order to avoid unexpected meeting with his mistresses Shawnee. There's a strange story of Stand witness, child pornography and beatings. In general, there are now basketball player do in court.

However, our 39-year-old hero of lights with this 28-year-old ladylove for almost a year.

Nikki - a simple country girl without complexes. She won two reality TV channel VH1 «Scent of Love" and "I love money." Now she is working on the following entertainment projects. According to the idea, cameras will follow her everywhere, as long as it will delve into the intricacies of fitness, attend various events, fooling around with Shaquille in their family house in Sudbury.


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