"So why are you crying so bitterly, mister?"

Sixty two million one hundred eighty nine thousand seven hundred twenty eight

One guy was returning home through the Park and suddenly noticed an old man sitting on a bench and crying bitterly. The guy decided to see if he could do something to help the old man.

— Excuse me, mister, what's wrong with you? — he turned to the man.

— Oh, you know, I recently married a charming twenty-year blonde. Every morning she makes me a massage, and then delivers the fresh rolls and delicious coffee me in bed...

And why you crying?! — surprised kid.

But the old man didn't hear him and continued his story:

Every day she cooks my meals, does the cleaning around my huge house, and in the evenings with me watching cricket matches and Golf...

And are you so upset?

For dinner my lovely wife makes amazing steak and feeds it with the best red wine from my vineyard. And by night, she fulfills all my wildest fantasies... — sob, continued the old man.

— For God's sake! — exclaimed the young man, — why are you crying so bitterly, mister?!

I forgot where I live! — said the old man.

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