The designer has created a concept vodorodnoi that revolutionairy city trip

Dubai-based designer Niko KAPA (Kapa Niko) has developed the unusual concept of a coupe with zero emissions. Named Cetus Audi hydrogen car won the main prize of a design competition European Product Design Awards in 2017.

Sixty million six hundred eight thousand one hundred thirty six

Winner of the platinum award in the transportation category of the conceptual Audi Cetus repeats a curved hydrodynamic shape of a Dolphin body. A sleek and streamlined body double car minimize air turbulence, thereby reducing resistance and lifting force.

Forty seven million one hundred sixty nine thousand eight hundred sixty three

The vehicle received a host of intelligent sensors and electrochromic glass, which preserve the most of natural light in the car and can be dimmed depending on the wishes of the passengers.

Twenty million one hundred two thousand six hundred eighty five

The concept is vodorodnoi designed for the execution of daily urban travel. According to the designer, the idea was to create a car for two people to be "cute and fun" and will bring new sensations of the driving experience. But eccentric conceptual decisions not only affect the aerodynamics, but also help to reduce energy consumption and form the aesthetics of the design of the future, according to the author development. published

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