Women's spring-summer collection 2017 Missoni clothing in lounge style


Spring-summer collection 2017 Missoni recently available in stores for learning. Even on the mannequins she exudes a carefree and relaxed. It's a great garment to relax on the warm shores with family and friends, when many types of things and the complex cuts are needed, but rather appropriate variety of decorations. In fact, Angela Missoni and created this collection inspired by a summer vacation on the sea with family. During the show, the creative Director of the family fashion house told WWD: "I felt the need for something simple. Not that basic, but calm, light and serene".

Stitched simple, but complex tissues
Fashion is gradually gaining in popularity style lounge clothes for home and leisure expands the boundaries of the application. This collection will clearly contribute to the spread of the style. The key subject of dress, mostly on the straps, mostly long, although there are these micro. Silhouettes can be called viscous. All the dresses taper around the waist and then are loose, but not loose. To Express the most narrow line of the abdomen even more, Angela Missoni offers to tie a sarong. Among the features of the style of most dresses and jumpsuits deep V - and U-shaped cutouts, the width of the strap in a few inches. Options with sleeves hug the arms and shoulders. All the clothes is clean lines running along or slightly deviating from the body.
It's simple in terms of cut, but the texture and color is complex, here is Angela Missoni does not depart from the traditions of the brand. She was actively used air perforated and patterned knitwear, comparable to the web. Often there is a touch of metallic strands. A wide choice of patterns, with the iconic Missoni zigzag a little, and a lot of medium and wide direct and different abstractions, referring to the texture of semi-precious stones such as tiger eye and malachite. And also you can see the dry soil and rocky surface. The ruling colors: Golden sand, emerald, white, dark grey, yellow, turquoise, coral. Today's popular color-blocking is at the forefront of the collection, however, the boundaries between the blocks held unusual.
Accessories are not very large oval sunglasses with lightly tinted lenses and large disk earrings with lacquered surface. Jewelry inspired by the exotic masks. The shoes are the epitome of relaxation — the bulk of low mules with pointed toes. In fact, it's Slippers with fashionable character. Some are made of Jersey and other smooth leather. Shoes basically one color, but patterned present. The various components of the collection in the sale on the page https://cashmere.ru/brands/missoni/.

One of the first new tried on Irina Shayk
Russian supermodel starred in an advertising campaign of this collection from Missoni, and during pregnancy. Men's clothes showed Tim Dibble. Portraits made on the backdrop of the interiors in a Mediterranean style. The shooting came in the summer residence of Angela Missoni in Sardinia. The designer gave the models and photographer a collection of Souvenirs, probably brought from all over the world. Also there is a carpet and plants. Thanks to all, including talent Shake and Dibble, portraits turned quiet and peaceful. They emphasize that the shown clothing and recreation are synonymous. Photographed Harley Weir.
On the official website Missoni stated: "Look Harley Weir conveys the expression, sensuality and spontaneity extraordinary Irina Shayk in combination with modern personality Tim Dibble. Every picture turned into a visual statement that defines the personality and character of our time. It is a colorful personification of the playfulness of the world, Missoni and the Mediterranean summer." Obviously summer 2017 will bring a lot of interesting pictures of new clothes of famous Italian brand and its owners. The collection is definitely photogenic!



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