You yearn for youth? Come on!

We are the first generation for whom new horizons have opened tothe Longing for of youth and adolescence has always been a subject of experiences and inspiration of the authors of the past. "No regrets, no pain, no sorrow...", — hysterically wrote Sergei Esenin. And this is understandable. People lived much less than now. We are probably the first generation for whom new horizons opened.Really, would you back your 16, 25, 40 years? What is good in them?


In 16 solid soul-searching and identity crisis. The girls do not like their noses, ears, hair, weight, figure, chest and legs. Boys growth, lack of leadership, lack of muscles and facial hair. And yet – doubt, uneasiness, uncertainty, conflicts with parents who do not understand you. All the nerves, and the reason for this hormonal explosion. And acne, a breaking voice and awkwardness.

Finally, all more or less subsided. Starting school, first love, College life, again, concerns, problems, though happiness becomes a little more.

25 – marriage, children, family — live and rejoice! But there lurk problems with their spouses (who doesn't?), life, which broke a lot of "love boat" childhood diseases. A brief respite in the form of annual leave, and again – knees, two, "the maths teacher pick on me", some endless crafts with which to stay late.

Job – career – a separate song. I don't know how men in women in the women's team is the closeness to the authorities, gross flattery and servility – the path to growth. Independence and the road to oblivion. Injustice at every turn. At work and at home – the stress, the tension. And who has a chance in the 90s to raise children, remember coupons, deficit, lack of money. Husbands lost their jobs – Institute closed, the engineers were reduced. The women went to trade men was quietly drunk, unable to adapt to "the market".


And here, we are 40! Somehow held on! And then – Bang – "midlife crisis"! "Who am I, what has been achieved(La), as he lived(La) life, all in the past what to do next." – all spinning in my head and does not sleep. Who overcome it, being able to answer satisfactorily to these questions goes further – that is trying to change, to prove, "dordives children." Live, evolve, become wiser.

With a light hand of the journalist Vladimir Yakovlev beautiful number 50 – "age of happiness". For someone it is, for someone- no. It all depends on what we approached him – how many cones have filled much experienced and have gone through many mind amassed. If our soul is good "fermented", we become "good, aged wine", if not – who does what. Who vinegar who sour juice, some yogurt.

Before they reach this beautiful age, when the debts are given, health is still there, and you receive a second wind, we can "relax and enjoy".

Why 50 works better for me than 16, 25 and 40? For all these reasons – the presence of freedom and the lack of a pile of problems when I was constantly "should" and "must".

Therefore, I "have no regrets, no pain, no sorrow" for the past years, and excited about the future where you can just "send all the wood" and live as you want.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is in the 50 I found a man who was looking for all my life. I didn't find it sooner because of their own stupidity and immaturity, choosing all the time "not diverse". And two, a life twice as fun...

As I "have reached such a life" I described in the book "Married at 50, or the Gap pattern". published


Author: Sofia Chernyshova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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