8 places to stay in Moscow

Relax in Moscow,Where in Moscow to be alone with your thoughts or with a loved one? To escape from the hustle and bustle, to think, just listen to the silence and focus on the Essentials.

1. The system of courtyards between Pyatnitskaya and Ordynka

Here is the former estate Eremeevich in the possession of the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, churches, apartment houses of XIX century. At the moment there are offices, and therefore it is safe to say that it is extremely quiet.

How to get: Pyatnitskaya str., 6, m. "Novokuznetskaya"

2. Rose garden at the Martha and Mary convent

In the monastery still contains a shelter for orphaned girls, and a garden with rose bushes and a gazebo. There is always incredibly quiet and nice, and you can think about eternity or just read a good book.

How to get: B. Ordynka, 34, p. 7

3. Is The Library "Silent Dial"

The place is just created for reading. Here you can sit just 2 rubles per minute, read a book and have a little chat. The price includes tea and various sweets, that is not just pleasant but also cozy.

How to get: Pokrovka, 12, from the courtyard, second floor

4. Garden "Aptekarsky ogorod"

It seems to be a bustling Moscow street – however, there are truly a Paradise for introverts. Finding him is not easy, but if You succeed, you will see a wonderful garden that will fascinate You with their views. In addition, this place is beautiful even in the autumn of that for parks – a rarity.

Address: St. Prospect Mira, 26

5. Square Novospassky monastery

The square is located outside the territory of Novospassky monastery, that is right on the waterfront of the Moscow river. Square Novospassky monastery not too big, but cozy. Attractive, of course, its accessibility and proximity to the metro. This Park of Moscow opened constantly. A place for fans of quiet rest on the nature. You can relax on the lawn and even feed the ducks at the pond.

How to get: Krasnokholmskaya emb., 13

6. Botanical garden

The famous place which, moreover, is very quiet and pleasant. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and even a beautiful Japanese garden, which looks very authentic. People here a little bit, but not because no one here is going – just a big place, and all scatter in all directions.

7. Ivanovskaya Gorka

Untouched corner of old Moscow where plenty you can wander through the courtyards, small gardens and see the ancient monasteries. Moscow will appear homelike and pleasant.

How to reach: St. Zabelina, Starosadsky lane, khokhlovskiy pereulok, Maly Ivanovsky per.


8. Estate "Narrow"

Those who like running and desert parks, just like here, and I must say that You will discover a great number of excellent specimens of ferns: this Park is similar to those places which You haven't seen. Feed the ducks, You can at any time convenient for You.

Address: Profsoyuznaya str., 123A, 123бопубликовано


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