The laws of life: WHAT makes people unhappy

How the world works inside and outsideIf you asked me: "Tell me, what makes people unhappy (ineffective unrealized) or which problems are most common?"

The first thing I would tell you this — for most people there is no questions like "Why? For what?" So, for them there's the whole layer of the answers to these questions.

That man did or didn't whoever he was, he moves in line with the "Because..." the Vast majority of people do not see, do not want to see the cause of what is. Because of this, they put the cart before the horse — doing effects, totally oblivious to the cause, as if the world would cut for them, no beginning, only the end. No reasons, only consequences. Entangled in the past, get stuck, come up with different interaction schemes with the consequences, instead of finding the cause. As a result, seriously complicate something that could have been easily resolved.

Sometimes the person is so difficult to see the reason, simply can not afford. The cool education and a lot of steep heap of diplomas does not help. And an even harder person to hold your brain that this reason he has created. And mega-hard to argue with that.

The reasons for this phenomenon are many.

Second, what makes people unhappy is not the integrity and inconsistency.

Now one "I" wants one thing, another "I" wants of the other, in the third situation the other "I". There and the fourth and fifth pulled... In every situation triggered a separate "I" and all they want is something of his opposite:

"I want to be a successful businessman, but I want a little work".
"I want a family, but I want to be in no way limited".
"I want to be independent, but I want my parents supported me in everything."
"I want everyone to be agreeable, except that some of the people I hate," etc. etc. Endless list.
The people terribly torn by the contradictions between the sets "I".

This prevents a person to grow, to evolve, to learn, to be responsible, to ignore-to distinguish between cause and effect.
Because one "I" doing something, and other "I" endlessly deals with the consequences. Those "I" multifaceted and little-known to the person, because there is in this company of those who will all be explored.

Third, what makes a person unhappy (ineffective unrealized) it is the illusion of self and others, situations. Man is a unique creature! He, along with the brain such moves of self-deception comes up with that, mother dear, all the science fiction rest. Most interesting is that self-deception can life go unnoticed by the man himself (defense mechanisms, etc.).

The fourth follows from the first, second and third. Habit to look for the causes of their troubles in others:

"Employees are not like that..."
"All men/women are..."
"If not for my mother, I would..."
"I am, because my parents didn't love me enough..."
"Did they..."
"Is she..."
The evidence is, it's all about them, him, her — killer.

All these reasons create a human inner tension, discomfort, through which, as through a filter, he perceives the world — it's not that, it's not such a plus I did not like that. In this state of mind, body and soul can be ostranitsa awareness, opuskatsya of happiness, techniques for efficiency and success, and nothing will result.

To harmonize life in all areas required to understand and assimilate at the cellular level that the world is arranged as follows:

1. First cause, then effect. To change the result, change the cause. Not realizing that there's a reason that a consequence can only nakolbasit even more than it is.
2. The world works on the principle of hierarchy. The boss is always (should be) single — a single, coherent "I". Yet the main, and then single-only "I", all other "I" will not be able to negotiate (to peregrinus, pineoblastoma, perebiraetsya, etc.)
3. The more illusions, the more errors (not the results). You need to constantly search, learn the reality — to understand how the world works inside and outside, not the coddling that we so love creating illusion.
4. It all starts with me. Starting with yourself, the likelihood of success of detecting the reasons for these increases.

Pardon the cliche: know thyself.

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Author: Elena Romanova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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