A brief educational program about led light strips for dummies

Progress constantly "throws" to the consumer market a new product with unexpected properties — and in this category it can be attributed to lighting innovation such as led tape.

This tekonwatonti is a miniature solid state semiconductor light sources very efficiently converts input thereto a DC voltage in light emission. In recent years, they have drastically decreased in size (the dimensions of individual products have already passed the mm line) and were worth "for the ruble — beam", which prompted the manufacturers to use them for General and decorative lighting. In particular, it was suggested to unsolder them in large quantities in the thin and flexible PCB (ribbon) and then use these extended sources of light in everyday life — and there led strip.

General classificationdata products on the market can be divided into three groups:

  • monochrome (one-color) tape — mounted LEDs of a single color;
  • the "white" tape — used "white" LEDs, their color temperature (shade of white light) may be different;
  • RGB-strip (full color) — used the tri-color (red-green-blue) LEDs with separate control, which allows to obtain light of any color/shade;

In execution they are divided into:
  • tape normal, no protection against moisture;
  • waterproof tape, covered with a special transparent compounds — can work in wet areas, in conditions of spray and even under water;

Additionally, tapes are divided in supply voltage: typically it is a multiple of 12 volts — ie products at 12/24/36 and more volts. More to the tapes sell power to the required voltage and spicontroller that allow you to control various lighting effects. To learn about this product more, as well as to choose and buy the led strip (and once delivery) on the site svetlovsem.ru — and there you can see photos/description of some interesting solutions based on it.


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