Where the missing square? Amazing illusion Dilanda

Sometimes our eyes and brain are deceiving us. But in some cases it's not scary, but rather very exciting. If not for these errors, we would be unable to see optical illusions!

The website shows the reader three interesting illusion Deland, explanations of which will surprise you!

The illusion of the missing square

The colored parts of the triangle are changing inside of him in places, while the size of the large triangle does not change. However, when you shuffle out of nowhere a white square. This is the most common and at the same time a vivid example of the illusion Deland.

Illusion with cards

At the beginning of the picture are sixteen cards. But when you cut this picture into three parts is only fifteen cards.

Illusion with men

Initially, the image represented by twelve men. But by rearranging the images, it appears that men became thirteen. Where there is a new character?


The principle of the origin of illusion, missing or suddenly appearing fragment in all of the challenges alone. Cards and men in the drawings are arranged with a certain interval. Therefore, when moving one part of each card and each character is substituted by the next object, and these "pieces" get a new one.

And in the triangle square multi-colored shapes are not changed, but the hypotenuse of the main triangle is a little uneven — in the first case it is a bit curved, and the second — on the contrary, is curved outward, and it is imperceptible at first glance. It is due to this curvature and there is "extra" box.

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