The heat from the Internet

Apartments in Stockholm will be heated at the expense of Internet users. This idea promotes the sponsors of the draft Stockholm Data Parks, solving this way the problem of heat dissipation from servers in data Centers. Excess heat is transfered to the plant and used to heat homes.

The participants of the Stockholm project Data Parks offer to build data centers powered by renewable energy and sell the excess heat to the district heating company Fortum Värme. The city hall of Stockholm is ready to support and create conditions for the construction of several data centers. Single data center with a capacity of 10 megawatts, will be able to heat up to 20 thousand apartments.

The heat from servers in data Centers are very expensive for the user: the cooling of the servers requires a lot of electricity. According to some estimates, modern data centers consume as much energy as the airline, and in the next ten years this figure can increase threefold.

"The heat from data centers – a very valuable resource, – said Eric Rylander (Erik Rylander), head of Department at Fortum Värme. – Heating is necessary for us for several months, but we use the same system for heating water. So that the heat developed data centers will be comparable in cost with other methods of heat production".published


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