For life "with the boat on their shoulders"

As still often on psychological consultations people who learned a long time ago-a long time strategy of life, really became a life-saving in some circumstances and hard use then it is ignoring more efficient.

Just out of habit...

And, sometimes, seek help from a psychologist, those whose previously very close relationship has exhausted itself...

Or someone tired to emotional exhaustion from work that no longer satisfied in respect of the disappeared her interest or stringent conditions.

It happens on the session and talk about the feelings about the person from the environment, svirchevska in a certain period of good business, has become perhaps the key event in destiny.

These feelings and thoughts sometimes shackled and not allowed to move on to the implementation of new goals, and, eventually, to a full PRIVATE LIFE.

The situation is different...

Sometimes some of them like to tell a parable:

Somehow in the flood through the dangerous and wide river crossed a few people. It was in one of the days of the rainy season, when wonder and perish. But people had a boat that allowed them to stay alive, unharmed.

After the participants in these events were forwarded, discussed them, reached a verdict: "the Boat was a real Savior," and decided not to quit. One even said: "Throw it here, of black ingratitude!", and the rest silently agreed.

And they went to the city, by placing a boat on their shoulders.

The townspeople accompanied the movement marching in surprised exclamations like: "What are you doing? Why do you need it? What is the meaning of your actions? That's weird...".

And the traveller answered: "the Boat saved our lives. We now always have to carry it with you, because to leave it somewhere it's action is wrong and ungrateful." published


Author: Larisa Nesterova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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