3 secrets of long-term MEMORY

3 simple secrets and a little perseverance will help you to forget any kind of information.

It's just that you need the right way to repeat the learned. Mnemonist Egor Dubrovin tells us about the way that it works flawlessly.


Teaching the techniques of memorizing, I often hear the same question: "How long will my memory has just stored the information?". In this article I'll give a broad answer to a really important question regarding long-term memory.

Using different kind of system, mnemonic clues, any person can quickly or almost instantly memorize any kind of information. For example, dozens of foreign words, names or faces, pages of notes. At the same time that the information is preserved in memory for a long time, it needs to be repeated.

There are many studies and different kinds of hypotheses and conclusions about how long and how often you need to repeat the material after the learning. Here I will cite only one mechanism of recurrence proven themselves and whose work is surprisingly accurate.


1 secret. Any information must be repeated intensively in the next 96 hours after memorizing

This means that you don't have to part with the learned material another 3-4 days after its memorization. For example, in the evening you have memorized the required information from the biography of three great Russian writers, using mnemonics. Within 3-4 days, starting with the following, you have to repeat the information to long-term consolidation in memory.

Repeat intense means a lot in a short period of time. In each of these days also do 3-4 short approaches to information.


2 the secret. To repeat, you must actively, that is, without looking into the material

Repeat the previously learned material from memory. Try to remember visual images and other mnemonic clues that you used when memorizing.

Remembering the images, say the information aloud and compare with the original. If the images are not remembered, do not suffer. Just peeped into the material and rebuild the Association. For example, from your memory gone you designed the image of the pen that keeps Dostoevsky at his most famous portrait. So you forgot that this portrait was painted by Vasily Perov. In this case, re-imagine the feather in the hands of a great writer, but now let it be larger.


3 the secret. Each repetition should be faster than the previous

Each time, repeating the material, pay attention to how fast and easily you do it.

For example, in the morning of the first day to reproduce from memory the biography of A. S. Pushkin took 10 minutes and in the afternoon of the same day – a little more. So the next recurrence occurred more slowly, which contradicts the third secret. One way out, continue to not take such a long break, take the "sun of Russian poetry" some time during the lunch break.

It should be noted that following this secret, visual images, compiled with the memorization, dissolved on the fourth day of the active repetition. Now you will remember information without them.

Now you know about the three secrets of long-term memory, which are open to work for you. Try them in action and feel instant results.

Fair to say that people are frightened of 3-4 days of repetition. They immediately recall unbearable school cramming. I hasten to please you, it is not so. According to the third secret, each new repetition you will spend less time, and soon information will be reproduced completely automatically. As if she was in your memory a lifetime.published


Author: Egor Dubrovin

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