Ultralight flexible solar panel eArche can revolutionize the photovoltaic market

Solar panel called eArche, created with the participation of the Australian company Energus is a super-flexible ultra-thin solar cell that can be placed on the facades of buildings, roofs of buses, canopies or other surfaces.

According to the head of the project, Dr. Zhengrong'shea (Dr Shi Zhengrong) the innovation panel has almost unlimited potential and already existing systems with a total capacity of 40 kW are used in three locations across Australia.

eArche made of composite materials that are used in the manufacture of airplanes: they are almost 80% lighter than a conventional photovoltaic panel. Shi distributes new development with Australian company Energus and a Hong Kong company SunMan and States that his panels are the biggest innovation in solar energy over the past 10 years.

"Most of the spending cuts, as we have seen, is related to the production, growth efficiency, and supply chain. Very few innovations related to products and applications, so we decided to focus on the panel itself, which was very hard and heavy," said Shi RenewEconomy.

Some companies do not place solar panels, because they are too heavy for the roofs of buildings, but the technology is a Chinese developer can change this situation. According to the manufacturer, eArche has a thickness of 5-6 mm and weighs just about two tons at 100 kW, while conventional roof solar systems weigh about eight tons to 100 kW and are about the same.

Flexible photovoltaic panel can be custom tailored to the individual dimensions of the roofs and walls of buildings. It is also possible to use technology to ground vehicles, boats, vending machines and more. Moreover, Shi believes that the government should require that solar panels were integrated into the structure of all new buildings.

Will eArche really a revolutionary product – time will tell. And while Shea opposes your product solar shingles Tesla, which, in his opinion, is wrong, largely because of the cost and weight. published


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Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/energy/solntse/2240-ultralegkie-gibkie-solnechnye-paneli-earche-mogut-perevernut-rynok-fotovoltaiki.html


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