Blocks in the body: how to unclench these fists

In certain moments of life most of us unconsciously clamped, thus blocking unexpressed energy.

Such blocks can arise in the head, throat, chest/heart, stomach, groin, or in the root zone.

Clamping can be felt very tense and rigid, and can really pull the energy out of us. They served as refuge from traumatic situations, a powerful negative emotions, feelings of insecurity and various other events in our lives.


It seems that our bodies record the threats from the outside world and shrink in the face of these threats, creating lifelong clamping in one or more parts of the body.

If you pay attention to what is happening with the body in a crisis situation, for example, during a building collapse or explosion, we can see that the body automatically contracts back in self-defense. Head goes down, feet go up to the head, the abdominal muscles contract. The body automatically twisted in the ring for self-defense.

The same thing happens when confronted with the apparent psychological threat, rejection, or childhood trauma, though at a less conscious level. Even not mean to say that the body is compressed, can still form the clips.

Some of us help to cope with the deep pain of different kinds of dependencies. Healing these areas, we need to continue to not feel these deeply hidden emotions.

But addiction is only a temporary solution. It's just a way to cover up the pain, which does not solve the root of the problem.

A friend of mine once said, "In fact there is no need to place the responsibility on the victim's energy and feel their real job is to suspect and question their thoughts and simply be present."

I beg to differ. Even when I was questioning many of his thoughts and always come back at the moment, all my blocks were in place and made the chaos in my life: from dependency to reactions and perceived threats. It seemed that my body got an opinion on this.

And Yes, thoughts can be questioned, and they dissolve, thus creating a more open, peaceful experience of full presence. But while these units are not revealed and will not go away, they will cause suffering, addiction, anxiety and/or depression to a certain extent.

I was relieved when I introduced these blocks in the form of small Cams that shrink in the face of stress. For example:

  • In a situation where I had to speak, but I couldn't, I felt a block in my throat.
  • Due to stress at work due to the approaching deadline clenched my stomach.
  • Stress in relationships is often caused compression in the region of the heart.
  • In situations related to security, survival or money had aggravated the feeling in my stomach and clenched the root zone – the bottom of the groin area and lower back.

When I looked at those grips as small Cams, very helpful just gently and lovingly give them bessmyslennoe attention at the time when they began to shrink.

For years, I absolutely was not aware of the existence of these small squeezable jaws. They are essentially ignored. I mostly stayed in my mind. But be aware these Cams when they were tightened, it was a gesture of love.

I remember every evening hours before going to sleep very gently directed his attention to those areas where he felt the clenching. Feels it was perhaps the most loving thing I've ever done is bother to pay attention to these little Cams.

The direction of attention in combination with human Studies, conscious breathing, Tong Ren therapy and acupuncture – that's what I need to unclench those fists.

This required time. Some blocks were not closed for months or even years. Infinite patience was part of love. To be infinitely patient means to wait a long time or always, cherishing the idea that in the future everything will be solved. This means to be present right now with what we have.

To be present without expectations that something will happen – it's really peaceful and loving way of working with these little Cams.

I often work through these units with customers in the Center. They want a quick fix. They want compression immediately disappeared. And this is natural. We live in a culture where you learn to look for quick solutions.

But it often happens that the blocks were formed and cure under years of unawareness. Therefore, they are often not open immediately. And when we make efforts in order to break a block, it stays compressed. Infinite patience, loving kindness, and direction of attention – is the most appropriate remedy.published


Author: Scott Kiloby


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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