Find out what are the weaknesses hiding under the harsh masks of men! The exposure of all zodiac signs.

For some reason women considered to be skilled Actresses. While men seemingly have the stability of their qualities and character. If he says that courageous or strong, then it is. But the truth of life is quite different, and after some time the representatives of the strong half are beginning to show in relations quite different traits, removing his original mask.

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Edition "Website" will tell you what weaknesses have men of different zodiac signs. For these qualities are worth paying attention to, because even the representatives of the strong half of humanity is not made of steel and need understanding and support. Knowing the hidden sides of the character of men, it is possible to build with them a relationship based on mutual love and respect.

Mens zodiac signsAries

The representative of this sign likes to hide under the mask of this man. He has a very firm handshake, often there are impulses of generosity. He is brave to recklessness, and very friendly. But behind all this lies a very different person.

Aries is not able to comply, but is not able to refuse my friends anything. He didn't have the patience for tedious work, he may suddenly break up, disappear for a couple of weeks, and then unexpectedly to appear. But Aries is very gentle on your health and regime.

To build a strong relationship with this person, try to see behind his smile and selfishness vulnerability of a little boy who is in need of care and support.


These smiling men without difficulty inspire a prosperous and comfortable life together. At first glance, the male Aries is very economical, and even craftsman with Golden hands. And Yes, he is very persistent. But it is worth it even for a moment to push back his mask, and the man seemed to have changed.

It quickly turns into a stubborn lazy, which is not able to resist the pleasure. Taurus is afraid to look like a pussy, so it can be quite tough on the beloved. Lying on the couch, to be fed with the promise that it will fix the faucet. Taurus avoids intelligent conversations and love to eat.

All this is because Taurus never have enough petting. Therefore, a woman must take a lot of time to give a loved one your love and tenderness.


This is a very sociable man. It is always considered his own, and he was a welcome guest in any company. He's very charming, resourceful, witty and original. To impress a woman for him quite difficult. But in fact, the Twin promises much more than it does. He has the spirit of contradiction, and often he doesn't know what he wants from life. Also, this fidget loves to chase two hares.

To be happy with Twins, you need to be pretty determined woman. You have to help him to decide with purpose and to monitor its achievement. Also you have to be very versatile so as not to bore.


A man born under this sign love mental conversations. He is a very caring and somewhat reminiscent of the nanny. It is calming and romantic. But behind the mask of a kind and open person hides a very vulnerable man, which often delves into his past. He is afraid of becoming a hermit and is very attached to the things that give him memories.

Just leave the Cancer alone, when he goes into his thoughts. Or learn to pretend to be even more of a Martyr, so he switched to care about you.


This man knows his worth. He had expensive clothes, beautiful car, well maintained appearance. And generally, it looks very inaccessible heartthrob, and to earn its location, you need to look like a million. He loves intelligent conversations, generous, and manners are like the aristocrat.

But really, Leo is afraid to be unnoticed. Often pride prevents him in business life, because the man thinks that everything should fall at his feet. If it will suffer a serious setback, it would be very long to be depressed.

You must be a real Queen. All his friends have to admire you and to say it out loud. And you, in turn, give him to understand that he is your king and best of men. Praise — personal communication with Leo.


At first glance, this is a very smart, constant, and faithful man. He possesses himself in any situation, punctual and maintains the system throughout. But the mask hides quite the opposite way. A male virgin is very afraid of responsibility. He is a hostage of his logical thinking, and it is difficult to change views or to admit the truth of another person. He develops a certain attitude and always adhere to it, even when you need to change direction.

You have to have the gift of persuasion, otherwise your whole life will have to be a slave of his views on life. A little female cunning and a happy Union is assured.


Men born under this sign are very broad and sincere smile. They disarm the women's charm and ability to give. They like to talk about family values and inspire the image of an ideal man. But in fact parents are more important to them than the wife and kids. They often change the mood, the reason for this may be the most ordinary things. Libra always think that problems will solve themselves.

Take the important decisions in their hands. And forget about sloppy home clothes. Scales to not stare at other women, you need to be very bright lady.


Scorpio is a natural psychologist. He hides under the mask of a strong and reliable men. He shows toughness with the punches and has a very penetrating gaze. But really he is ruthless to female coquetry and flirting. The Scorpion has its own laws and morals, so he may have not the best relations with the law. It is often plagued by mental conflicts.

A woman must remember that Scorpio remembers all the resentment and joy. You have to be very patient and dedicated. Scorpions are looking for in a woman is a homemaker.


He has a mask of cheerful and cheerful person. According to him you may think that you are the most respected people in the County. Loves to share their useful encounters with people who can solve any problem by snapping their fingers. Its weakness is that it is very difficult to determine the woman. He would walk away from wife to mistress and back again. Also likes to dig in the past.

Do not tie him to home and family and don't forget to say that she love freedom. Create from time to time the intrigue of the secret calls or flowers in a vase. Sagittarius will appreciate.


His masks are reliability and stability. It promises love for the whole life. He knows how to control his emotions and to succeed. But in fact, the Capricorn is very hard to Express your true feelings and to show affection. Capricorn expects that they will be admired every minute. Likes to strictly control the family budget.

Capricorn is not interested in sexual outfits and a new woman every day. You have to be a good housewife and mother.


He has the look of a dreamer that really captivates many women. For achieving the goal, he is ready to befriend even enemies. Aquarius is not interested in the woman. But really he needs to feel himself a free man. He is not interested in material wealth. He loves everything bright and new, be it a person or idea.

To create a happy Union with Aquarius, you always have to tease him. Don't open all their cards. You have to be unpredictable woman.


On the first date you will see a man with a huge heart. He's very romantic and sympathetic. He radiates cheerfulness, and in his eyes, read the vast ocean of dreams. In fact, the man-Fish big dreamer and it is difficult to adapt to the real world. His humor hides grief and sorrow. He too spends many forces for the service of his ideas, friends and the woman he loves.

If you want to be happy with this man, you will in any case not to criticize his dream. Better split it with him and help to realize it in reality.

Although there is a perception that the stars do not lie, do not take the opinion of the astrologers on this occasion too seriously. No matter what no cockroaches were found in the head of your second half and whatever skeletons hiding in his closet, love and respect can conquer just about anything.

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