Fashion trends of the coming summer is in the details! Everything you need to know to be stylish.

The year 2017 has become one of the brightest in the world of fashion over the last few seasons. Designers around the world use velvet, satin, lace and mesh fabric to highlight feminine beauty. The fine line between femininity and madness, of elegance and bad taste, simplicity and pomp had been laid on the runways.

Forty seven million nine hundred eight thousand five hundred thirty eight

Fashion week in new York, London and Paris gave life to some obvious trends that are likely relevant in the summer season. 80s, metallic, ruffle, only start to recharge the wardrobe of fashionistas. About what details you should pay attention to be stylish, happy to tell the editors «Site».

Fashion summer trends — 2017
  1. Pink all over
    Even Pantone, the world-recognized authority in the field of color and identified the main color of the year Ukraine — fresh green color for summer time renowned designers offer pink. Choose any shade from pale and powdery to the nuclear fuchsia, and be at the height of fashion. Also take note of previously banned the combination of pink and red.
    Thirty million five hundred forty four thousand six hundred fifty one

    Pay attention to other trendy colors. Another fashionable combination of blue with orange.
    Seventy four million eight hundred sixteen thousand two hundred thirteen

  2. 80s
    If last year the designers were singing odes to the grim 90s, but now they decided to add in the fashion world crazy bright 80s. Huge shoulders, ultramini and fishnets, pants bananas, giant decorations, metallic glitter and lurex ruffles and drawstring will run the show in 2017. Also fashionable bare shoulders and wear asymmetric skirt. So ready your body to sparkle slender legs and sexy shoulders.
    Twelve million two hundred ten thousand three hundred eighty three

  3. Stripes, checks and peas
    Perhaps, these prints have become classics. But this year, stripes and cage should be bright. No boring combinations of black and white. Also very modami will tunics into the floor with large peas.
    Twenty five million nine hundred eleven thousand two hundred fifty eight

  4. Flowers
    This summer, the flowers seem to come alive on the outfits. They should look as natural as possible. Flowers can adorn anything: dresses, pants, jeans, shirts, blouses, bags... It can be outright Gypsy or judicious placement of each Bud. In General, you should remind beautiful floral lawn.
    Seventy three million eight hundred seventy three thousand three hundred sixty five

  5. Pastoral
    The classic image of a country girl also attracted famous designers. Wide-brimmed straw hat, playfully hiding the face, cotton body blouse and skirt or pants with very high waist is the perfect look for warm summer days. And in General, pay attention to wide-brimmed hats are perfect to protect face and hair from the merciless sun and add to any look sparkle.
    Seventeen million ninety one thousand four hundred fifty five

  6. The emphasis on the chest
    Obscenely plunging necklines, asymmetrical cuts — not just a way to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and fashion requirement. Modesty this summer, you need to push into the background and allow yourself to breathe in the literal sense.
    Eighty two million eight hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred twenty four

  7. Sleeves
    The sleeves are of the lightest fabrics at the height of fashion. Them silhouettes acquire eccentricity and femininity, and it is impossible to ignore this magnificent decision of fashion designers. Lush, decorated with lanterns, ruffled sleeves steel nail summer collection global brand.
    Fifteen million six hundred twenty five thousand eighteen

  8. Transparent white dress
    That thing designers are advised to have for all fashionistas. This outfit is perfect for hot summer days, and the party will come down the embankment to go for a walk. Dress should be lace or light translucent fabric. And Yes, the brave fashionista can wear it without underwear. Directly the summer interpretation of the little black dress.
    Sixty two million one hundred seventy one thousand three hundred sixty five

  9. Shoes
    Minimalist Slippers or sandals with an abundance of stones — the choice is yours. Also in fashion are sandals with thin straps, but wide with high heels and rough straps. And don't be shy to wear nylon socks.
    Fourteen million six hundred ninety three thousand one hundred ninety one

  10. Accessories
    Voluminous bracelets and necklaces should complement your look. Don't be afraid to overdo it, because this summer the more the better. Give their preference for the bag bag, small purse with lots of embroidery or a huge bag. No Golden mean.
    Twelve million one hundred four thousand two hundred eighty five

So diverse and crazy promises to be this summer. Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors and shiny fabrics. After all, the trendsetters will remove all restrictions. The only requirement is to bring your body in good shape, to fashion outfits looked ridiculous.

Prepare your wardrobe for the summer and don't forget to share fashion trends with your girlfriends!

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