Let's see how different actors of the series "Clinic" for 16 years

16 years ago came the first episode of "the Clinic" (Scrubs) and immediately won the hearts of millions of viewers. Because it was so colorful and very human characters, with whom we learned a lot about love, friendship, life and death.

The website decided to find out, as they are now are the favorite actors of this sarcastic and at the same time kind of series. Some haven't changed at all!

Zach Braff — Dr. John Dorian "J. D."

Donald Faison — Dr. Chris Turk

Sarah chalke — Dr. Elliot Reid

Judy Reyes — nurse Carla Espinosa

John C. McGinley — Dr. Perry Cox

Neil Flynn — janitor

Ken Jenkins — Dr. Bob Kelso

Christa Miller Jordan Sullivan

Sam Lloyd — Ted

Elizabeth banks — Dr. Kim Briggs

Photos on the preview Touchstone Television, rexfeatures.com

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