SES will provide round the clock supply of the inhabitants of the island of Kauai electricity

Last week energy company Tesla introduced its first large project for the production of solar energy — a solar power capacity of 13 megawatts, which will provide round-the-clock supply of electricity to the residents of the island of Kauai, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. The total number of solar panels is 54 978 pieces, as well as 272 module Powerpacks ensure a 52 megawatt-hours of solar energy storage.

Company Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) signed with Tesla 20-year contract to purchase solar energy at a price of 13.9 cents per kilowatt-hour. According to the President and CEO of KIUC, David Bissel, the world's largest repository of solar energy. Tesla and KIUC noted that the project will reduce the use of fossil fuel by 1.6 million gallons per year.

For the Hawaiian Islands. solar power plant with the possibility of energy storage is another step towards achieving the goal by 2045, the state will be 100% equipped with renewable energy sources. In addition, the planned signing of the bill, which aims at a 100 percent transfer of the transport sector to renewable energy by 2045.

Kauai, the island where Tesla is introducing solar electricity. Last year the company installed solar panels and batteries to power the island of Tau in American Samoa. According to the company, 5 328 solar panels and 60 Powerpacks to compensate more than 109 500 gallons of diesel fuel per year. published


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