Scientists have created a battery that produces energy from the air and carbon dioxide

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn State University) developed a method that can obtain energy by using carbon dioxide emitted into earth's atmosphere millions of tons annually. In the new flow battery uses water solutions of certain substances which promote the process of absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Due to this, the two separated flows of fluid have different concentrations of dissolved carbon dioxide in them, and, as a consequence, different values of pH factor. And just this difference is used to produce electrical energy.

Two streams of fluid moving through the working volume of the battery, being separated by an ionic membrane that does not allow them to mix, but allowing the passage through it of the flow of ions. Ion exchange between liquids with low and high concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide in them leads to the appearance of electric potential between two electrodes of manganese oxide. When the concentration of the ions in both fluids are leveled, one of them is replaced and the cycle repeats again. During the experiments, the researchers found that the battery can withstand up to 50 cycles of re-use before beginning to experience some deterioration of its characteristics.

The use of carbon dioxide in flow batteries is not a new idea. However, the battery created by Penn researchers has an energy density in the 0.82 W/sq. m., which is 200 times higher than that of other similar solutions that you created earlier. Of course, there are other more efficient "fuel cells", running on carbon dioxide and based on different principles, but they all have large size, great complexity and some of them work only at high temperature.

Battery created by Penn researchers, working at room temperature, and its designs are used inexpensive and available materials. Despite this, the researchers still doubt the economic "viability" of their creations. However, further work in this direction may lead to the emergence of batteries that will be installed at thermal power plants burning fossil fuels, and will allow us to take advantage of this fuel more energy. published


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Source: ecotechnology


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