9 things that the language is trying to tell us about our health

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Our body sends signals about problems or diseases of which we often know nothing about. And language is no exception: in his condition you can tell a lot about health and its aspects, which should be given special attention.

The website shares with you these important observations.


This may mean that you do not have enough vitamins. Shiny, strawberry-red tongue — a sign that your diet lacks iron and vitamin B12. Subsequently, the language can become more "bald" due to the fact that the majority of taste buds will be smoothed. In severe cases there is acute pain when consuming hot liquids or spicy food. It is recommended to go to the doctor and to revise the diet.

Black or brown plaque

Brown or black coating on the tongue may look scary, but most often only shows bad oral hygiene or Smoking, active consumption of coffee, black tea. As a result, can cause unpleasant mouth odor and taste abnormalities (difficulty in recognizing flavors). First and foremost, give up bad habits that caused the RAID, and to pay particular attention to hygiene: daily brushing not only the teeth but also the tongue.

Extensive white patches

White patches, resembling in color and consistence a cheese — a sign of a yeast infection or otherwise known as candidiasis. A similar RAID occurs when excessive growth of Candida albicans yeast present in the mouth in small quantity, when the human body healthy. Cause could be prolonged use of antibiotics, diabetes, weakened immune system or high blood pressure. It is recommended to consult a doctor.

Pleats in the language

The appearance of folds or wrinkles in the language may simply be indicative of aging (Yes, our language is also getting older). Usually, the cracks painless, but bad oral hygiene increases the likelihood of infection. So, a fungal infection can develop right into a crack and cause intense pain and burning. Problem is solved with the help of special medications. Also cause folds in the language may be poorly installed dentures.

Small white spots on the tongue

Their appearance may mean that something is irritating the tongue. For example, a tooth, constantly rubbing the area of language. But most often these spots are caused by excessive cell growth smokers. From 5 to 17 % of these cells can become pre-cancerous. If the spots do not disappear within a few weeks, it is very important to consult a doctor and make all necessary tests.

Permanent red damage

Red spots or blisters that do not pass over a long period of time can be a symptom of a very serious illness. Often they are associated with cancer of the tongue. You should immediately consult a doctor.

Burning sensation

Most often found in women as a result of strong hormonal changes, especially in the period after menopause. With this problem you should consult your doctor. Also, the cause may be improper toothpaste: some people are allergic to its ingredient — sodium lauryl sulfate, whereby the paste foams.

Hillocks and hollows

This is quite a rare feature not usually is a no-brainer. If you are not experiencing any pain, then you have nothing to worry about — just everyone has different anatomy.

Painful sores

The appearance of painful sores is stomatitis, a disease that is considered to be the nursery, but seen in 20% of adults. Show ulcers in the first place about stress and lowered immunity. They usually resolve within 2 weeks. In case of a longer manifestations of the disease , it is recommended to consult a doctor. It is also desirable to have a rest and to take care of their health.

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