Best nail design ideas specially for March 8. After all a gorgeous manicure that day!

It is impossible today to imagine a woman without manicured hands. and beautiful manicure. After all, modern technology has reached the point that lucky can stay on nails about three weeks in perfect condition. So 1-2 times a month, you can allocate 2 hours of their time to bring hands in order.

Eighty two million eighty five thousand eight hundred eighty two

Fashion nails spring 2017 will please women with a variety of shapes and colors. Some trends are returns from long-forgotten times, and some will be a real discovery of the season. Edition «Site» prepared especially for you a compilation of 15 wonderful ideas manicure. Because it's time to think over your way for a wonderful holiday — International women's day.

Ideas beautiful manicure
  1. According to the company Pantone, the chief in 2017 will be the color of curly cabbage and the different shades of green. Such nails look very noble.
    Forty four million nine hundred twenty five thousand five hundred forty eight

  2. French can beautify the nails of various shapes and complement any outfit. To add festivity, feel free to decorate 1-2 nail sequins or other unusual lucky.
    One million two hundred twenty eight thousand one hundred

  3. Looks very unusual, but at the same time elegant.
    Three million nine hundred eight thousand five hundred twenty four

  4. Heavenly shades, and even colors. Perhaps this is perfect for a spring manicure.
    Thirty four million two hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred three

  5. Such fine twigs on the nails will give your image more feminine.
    Fifty four million three hundred seventeen thousand one hundred seventy seven

  6. A red manicure is a classic. This coating attracts the views of others in your hands, so they must be in immaculate condition.
    Forty eight million nine hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred ninety four

  7. Very stylish and unusual solution.
    Sixty six million seven hundred seventy thousand four hundred fifteen

  8. The feeling that the artist painted flowers on canvas and not on the nails.
    Sixty seven million six hundred ninety eight thousand three hundred thirteen

  9. The gradient in calm colors is a good alternative to the usual French manicure.
    Thirty two million nine hundred thirty thousand three hundred seventy five

  10. Lucky with the effect of cat's-eyes are always fascinating.
    Forty five million eight hundred twenty one thousand eight hundred nine

  11. Colored jacket and shiny glare — looks very festive, but not gaudy.
    Fifty four million eight hundred thirty eight thousand six hundred three

  12. Such a simple nail design but I agree, looks very cool!
    Twelve million three hundred forty three thousand two hundred seven

  13. Bright tee nadovich nails look amazing.
    Sixty three million one hundred forty five thousand two hundred thirty three

  14. On many fashion shows fashionista noticed a very unusual manicure. Combine conventional transparent coating with a Golden depiction of the nail along the cuticle. Ideal for those who are not able to paint your nails.
    Sixty two million five hundred thirty six thousand three hundred twenty six

  15. Of course, don't forget about the noble combination of black and gold shades.
    Fifty five million seventy four thousand seven hundred eighty seven

With such ideas your nails will look just gorgeous. Tell us in the comments what kind of manicure do you prefer this spring.

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